With the fast adoption of mobile, mobile web designing has become a great impact for mobile-friendly websites. As Smartphone and tablet have radically changed the approach towards user experience and web designing, most web designers have taken the mobile website designing a challenge. With the difference of site in the desktop and mobile factors such as screen size, Pixel-resolution, click versus touch and many more have become crucial in creating a mobile responsive website design.

Responsive web design is an approach of coding and laying-out of website that will provide an optimal viewing experience. With the creation of a mobile-friendly website, it becomes an essential part of the digital marketing solutions in the SEO marketing strategy. As the rapid mobile sale that overtook on desktop sales it has been long predicted of mobile internet usage will overtake on the desktop internet usage.

» Flexibility - the contents can move freely across all devices and different screen resolutions. Same goes to the grids and images. The fluidity of the web design allows the website contents to appear on the device screen in a smooth way.

» Excellent user experience - by allowing a user to have access to any site and preference any time is what gives the user an optimal user experience. As responsive web design caters to the needs of the professionals and students by giving easy access to the site anytime without the need to scroll and resize, sites that are using responsive web design will soon become the favorite site to visit from the users devices.

» Recommended by Google - as Google is the most influential site in the Internet world that is why what Google referred everyone listens and follows, even mobile apps development services uses the responsive web design to enable its user for better game experience.